Innovative Platform Company Seeks Next-Gen Product Lifecycle Management

The movement from unstructured to structured data frameworks is ambitious, but the benefits of centralized data can enable teams to gain increased visibility into their process and enable effective risk management capabilities.

Learn how REGENXBIO - leveraging the power of QbDVision - was able to accomplish this transition and the benefits that come with it.

  • Visibility: Insight into process process risks that will facilitate improvements to process design.
  • Cataloging:  The ability to link information from multiple sources and workstreams into one central location and enable real-time risk assessment capabilities.
  • Transparency: Increased transparency of process information and risk data across distributed stakeholder groups.

The prospect of increased speed and efficiency in assessing deviations and events, resulting in significant time and cost savings

“Now that we have seen the immediate benefits of having our data in QbDVision’s structured, centralized data repository, we can move forward with confidence and look toward its even more advanced process capabilities.”

-Michael Boychyn, Vice President, Process Development


The first structured, cloud-based software platform integrating product, process, and quality management for Pharma 4.0